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The sixties were a time of radical change for America.A time when there was a decline in what was thought to be normal.Family values and morals were a thing of the past.There was an increase in drug use, casual and premarital sex.This was just the beginning of the changing times.There were many people fighting for their rights. There were protests and demonstrations for every cause imaginable and in the middle of most of it was Abbie Hoffman.Abbie Hoffman was an instigator and supporter for many of the most famous events in the sixties.
I remember living through the fifties and getting along quite well without doing any good.I wasn't raised in a commie intellectual-type family.I got to see blacks demonstrating outside of Woolworth's, being carted off to jail in small southern towns.I remember seeing them on TV singing freedom songs and saying there's something happening in their lives which is not happening in mine right now, maybe there's something about this working for good, putting your energy into something else than making money or a career (Sloman 289).-Abbie Hoffman
Abbie Hoffman was born Abbot Howard Hoffman November 30, 1936 in Worcester, Massachusetts.His father, John, was one year old when his family arrived at Ellis Island and changed their name from Shapoznikoff to Hoffman.His mother, Florence, was a native of Clinton, Massachusetts (Jezer 3).
As the oldest child, Abbie was often the center of attention, and when he didn't receive enough, he would have a sudden attack of asthma.He was a healthy, active, and mischievous child.Abbie's mother was very protective of him.When the Worcester police accused her thirteen-year-old of being the Halloween prankster who switched the license plates of neighborhood cars, Florence provided an alibi (Jezer 4).This was just the beginning of Abbie's troublemaking and practical jokes.
Abbie attended Classic…