There the states and territories.The idea of slaves

There is a lot of stuff that can happen in only a weeks time.It can be hard to write about only a few of those things.Many things affected the lives of everyday people.Slavery, the economy, and politics are just some of the things that can push or pull a person a certain way.
Slavery obviously affected a tremendous amount of people.However, different people were affected in very different ways.Slavery cause a great divide between people at this time.The people of Illinois were trying to separate themselves from slavery.Illinois was trying to reestablish a geographical line bisecting the states and territories.The idea of slaves belonging to a person and being property was a big issue.However, this issue went much deeper.The South bought and sold slaves at will and fully believed the slaves to be their property.Southerners thought it was a simple thing for everyone to acknowledge that slaves were property.The North strongly disagreed with this.If everyone would freely accept slaves as property it is much easier for the slavery issue to push forward.The property issue held larger problems than whatfirst thought.
The economy fluctuated up and down easily unlike today.The economy at the time was coming out of a depression and seemed to be doing a good job of it.Many people were hiring for different jobs such as: men to run farms, janitors, women to help in caring for babies, and cooking.There was the sale of many different dry goods.Dress silks, cloaks, and robes are just some of the many dry goods being sold and auctioned.Mantillas were very popular.There were many companies selling different styles and designs, but what exactly is a mantilla.It is a lace or silk scarf worn by women over their head and shoulders.Prices for cotton, tobacco, corn, sugar, as well as many other crops were staying steady.The economy would fall and rise but for the most part it was level.
In 1860 there wa…