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A View on "Letter from Birmingham Jail"
Being a letter (correspondence), this article, does not have a "title" per say, it has come to be known as "Letter from Birmingham Jail." In the letter the writer, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (Dr. King) discusses his views on what was happening in the Civil Rights Movement and why.
Dr. King is a credible writer and becomes qualified to write on this topic since he is possibly the best-known leader for the movement for African-American civil rights. Being a leader in this movement Dr. King adds more strength to his letter by being very appealing to authority, establishing credibility, character, and confidence; he gains all this by telling the reader about his position in the Civil Rights Movement. Dr. King has a certain type of philosophy that most people tend to agree with.
Dr. King wrote this letter while he was in the Birmingham jail where he was detained after being arrested by the Birmingham police for his part in a demonstration. He was in Birmingham because an affiliate invited to Birmingham to participate in a non-violent direct action program. Dr. King sent this letter to "Fellow Clergymen" and has since been published in many forms because of the historical impact it holds. Initially directed towards the eight clergymen that had made statements that his present activities were "unwise and untimely;" Dr. King wrote this letter because he felt the need to defend his actions.
This letter is easy for the reader to understand and very clear about the purpose, because of the good use of ethos, pathos, and logos. It appears he was trying to get the readers attention to let them know that he was going to explain his ideas and actions. He is very effective in his use of ethos and logos when explaining his purpose and reasoning for the actions.
First, LOGOS is an effective appeal that Dr. King uses in this letter by being logical …