As Panama.He was involved in drug trafficking, arms

As early as the 1500's, the idea of constructing a ship canal between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans occurred to navigators and explorers, as the geographical form of the Central American Isthmus was becoming known.Many Isthmus surveys were made over the years.Opinion remained divided between a route through Panama and a longer route through Nicaragua.This divided opinion continued until the building of the Panama Canal was begun by the U.S. in 1904.By the end of the century the U.S. government would find themselves in an unnerving situation; concerned with the Panama Canal and other economic interests would unfortunately demonstrate unequaled force and damage to an innocent people with their focus on something other than what was in the sights of their rifles.
Panama was originally created by the US in 1903 so that they could build a canal between the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean.Noriega, Panama's defacto leader, was in league with the US, the CIA, and the Drug Enforcement Agency until 1986.In June 1987 violent popular demonstrations erupted in the streets, due to reports of election fraud and Noriega's involvement in major human rights abuses.In February 1988, Noriega was charged by the US courts with aiding in the trafficking of drugs between Columbia and the US.The president of Panama subsequently fired Noriega from commander of the Panamanian Defense Force.The National Assembly replaced the president with a supporter of Noriega.Noriega himself although still sustained most of the power within the Panama Defense Force.The U.S. refused to recognize the new president and placed massive economic pressure on Panama by cutting off U.S. aid, freezing all Panamanian corporations.
Noriega was a corrupt dictator heading an efficient narco-militaristic regime in Panama.He was involved in drug trafficking, arms smuggling, money laundering, and the ruthless oppression of his people.He also syste…