A drugged Darnay and took his place

A Tale of Two Cities was a book set during the French Revolution.It was a story of a family and girl finding her father, falling in love and escaping certain death.Charles Dickens used a lot of symbolism in this book.With just thefirst words of the book, the whole story was summarized, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…”
In France a revolution was eminent.The citizens were tired of the way the French aristocracy treated them.The aristocracy was primarily lead by the Evremonde’s.Madame Defarge’s family was killed while she was young.She blames the aristocracy for the death.Dickens’ wrote her a the driving force of the revolution. Her character was key in revolution.Although, England was a different place all together.Charles Darnay, who later marries Lucie Manette, lived in England but was a relative of the Evremonde’s.
Lucie Manette was the one of main characters in this book.She was orphan at a young age when her father was sent to prison.Her mother had died at young age.At age seventeen she finds out that her father is not dead, like she presumed, from Jarvis Lorry.Lucie and Jarvis go to help Dr. Alexandre Manette, her father, out of prison.Dr. Manette was a key character in this story. Dickens’ showed what the aftermath of prison can do to someone’s psyche.He had somewhat of a dual personality after coming from prison.
Dickens used a prophetic ending.Sydney Carton had fallen in love with Lucie, who at the time was married to Charles Darnay. Hearing of Darnay’s imprisonment for being of Evremonde blood, he cared for Lucie so much that he, who was almost an exact look alike of Darnay, broke into the prison, drugged Darnay and took his place at the guillotine.But before he dies he has a vision of Lucie and Darnay.He had a vision of the two of them having a baby boy would be named after him.In this he would be resurrected for his saving Darnay’s life.Prior to hi…