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The hijacking and destruction of several planes and buildings rocked the world on September 11, 2001.One of these planes collided into the north building of the World Trade Towers in lower Manhattan, destroying it.Americans and millions around the globe watched these atrocities while wondering if their family member or friend was on that plane or managed to escape millions of tons of concrete that fell on while they were at work.
At around 8:00 in the morning, terrorists hijacked one of four planes.It left its pre-calculated flight path and redirected towards the north tower of the World Trade Center.Terrorists herded the horrified passengers to the aft portion of the Boeing 767.They noticed the plane changing directions by the ever so gentle back of the plane and the shifting of light penetrating the tiny portholes in the fuselage.They peered out the windows gazing at skyscrapers to the left and the right of the plane.The small band of terrorists ordered those with cell phones to call their families and tell them they will die soon.Soon, everyone on board started calling their parents or children, brothers or sisters, cousins, friends, a anyone they could get hold of to tell them the awful truth about his or her hopeless situation.Only minutes later would they see the end of their very existence in this world.
At 8:45 am eastern standard time, thefirst plane struck near the top of the quarter mile high building, causing several stories to erupt into flames and enormous plumes of smoke and dust that filled the atmosphere.Being one of two of the tallest buildings in the world, and surviving one other terrorist attack many years before, many people thought nothing could hurt this monster of steel, concrete, and glass.
The plane ripped through the tower near the top sending debris flying everywhere.Pieces of plane, cubicles, desks, computers, and the very people relaxing in the break rooms were sent flying…