Most the 1940s Georgia began to modernize and

Most people believe that Georgia was founded by nothing more than criminals, but James C. Cobb tells us how he took great offense to that fact or not when actually there was not very many criminals that sailed to Georgia when Oglethorpe received the charter to settle Georgia. Shortly after Georgia was established it's population began to grow, and because the state had to become another South Carolina in order to make money, people in the state began to argue about the laws that were placed when they arrived, such as, the restriction on rum and the slave trade. Obviously, those laws were relaxed and the slave trade became one of Georgia's most profitable trades.
By the 1940s Georgia began to modernize and cotton was no longer the cash crop, but peanuts and poultry would take its place. Industry also was beginning to take part in Georgia at the time due to World War II, by "1950 low-wage industries accounted for 83 percent of the state's manufacturing jobs. By the 1970s this figure was down to 67 percent, although twenty years later it still stood at 60 percent." Between 1989 and 1992, ninety-eight hundred jobs were lost across the state of Georgia, but Georgia quickly bounced back. Any type of military base is a vital part of Georgian economy, "they account for 20 percent or more of total earnings."
Also other changes began to take place in Georgia. People began to make more money and they began to see other things that were around in Atlanta, such as, a fast-food chain…McDonald's, Hardee's, KFC's, and Pizza Hut's start to pop up due to the economic growth. Another established place where everyone has been once in his or her life a Wal-Mart; Cobb said that there is "evidence of change…"Yet Georgia still has it's hospitality such as, pulling over while a "funeral procession passes by" quoted Cobb.