Similar too many freedoms.I ask these people,”What

Similar to my experience with stricter airport security rules, the United States Senate has approved of the creation of a massive Department of Homeland Security that will transform the way the federal government responds to emerging terrorist threats.Many Americans have argued against the creation of this department saying that it will take away too many freedoms.I ask these people,"What good are these freedoms if terrorists wipe you out before you can enjoy them?"Although many fear that the new laws created since 9/11 will transform our nation into a police state, the new laws exchange a minimal amount of freedom for vital security against terrorism.
Let us begin with what the Homeland Security Act is and how it can benefit Americans.Since the terrorist attacks of September 11th have changed United States operations, attitudes, and priorities, the government has created the Homeland Security Act.The four main divisions of this act are the Border and Transportation Security,Emergency Preparedness and Response, Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Countermeasures, and Information Analysis and Infrastructure protests.Each division works to prevent terrorist attacks within the United States, reduces America’s vulnerability to terrorism, and minimizes the damage and recovers from attacks that do occur.Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge, sums up the effect the act will have.;It gives us the structure that we need in order to implement the national strategy and will bring together everyone under the same roof, working toward the same goal and pushing in the same direction.;However, each division of the act will limit freedoms and privacy that Americans enjoy.For example, the Border and Transportation Security will subject Americans riding in cars crossing the state or country border subject to thorough inspections of their vehicles, yet this is a small price to pay for security.