“A of dreaming of going to college.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."
I have recently learned how true this statement is and started to realize that it
applies to just about everything in my life. From college, to getting over the loss of a
good friend, to starting new relationships.
Ever since I was a little girl I talked about going to college.As I got into high
school I started to receive letters and information from different colleges.But the fact
that I was actually going to go didn't hit me until I had to startpicking out and narrowing
down the college I wanted to go to in my junior year.Now that I'm entering my second
half of my senior year I have to pick out which colleges I apply to and soon will attend.
The rest of my life started with the small step of dreaming of going to college.
Over the past few years I have lost many close and dear friends.Each time I
received the bad news that someone else had passed away the pain I felt was
unbearable and like my whole world came crashing down.Time went on and I have
learned to accept that no one lives forever and that it was just that persons time to pass
on.I have also learned to think of each persons life as a blessing and that the end is
not a horrible thing but just makes us appreciate each person around us more.
After losing so many people in a short period of time I became very wary of
making new friends.For some reason I thought that if I got to know someone new I
would lose someone else.I kept pushing people away, trying to protect myself from
feeling more pain.Thankfully over the summer I had a chance to realize that I thought
wrong.There were so many people around me that wanted to be my friend and I was
losing out.By the time I got back to school my whole attitude had changed.People
that I had pushed away were still willing to be my friend and I accepte