A Rumor of War

In the autobiography, A Rumor of War, Philip Caputo talks about his experience in the Vietnam War.From the starting of the book he tells us why he joined the marines till the day he was relived from duty.A Rumor of War is a story of the war and how it changes men.When Caputo entered the war with all of his youthfulness and 16 months later when he is relived he believes has aged older than his father and lost his youthfulness.”It was as if a lifetime of experience had been compressed into a year and half— (pg. 4).
The story starts off with how Caputo is after the war.He says, “I was almost completely ignorant about the stuff of ordinary life, about mortgages, and building a career— (pg. 3).Then he starts to talk about why he wanted to enter the marines.One reason that Caputo entered the war was because of the patriotic tide of the Kennedy era and also he was sick of the boring and safe live in the suburbs.After finishing college Caputo went straight into the war.From entering the war Caputo wanted to prove his self to everyone in the boot camps and the higher ranking offices in the war.Some said that Caputo was trying to hard and was a good kid that wanted to succeed and will become a good officer.
From fineshing his training Caputo was anxious to enter the war.He thought he was ready to be shipped off to Korea and begin fighting the Viet Cong.After getting to Korea, Caputo and his men were assigned as security force for U.S. bases.After getting to Korea, Caputo wanted some real fighting, believing that him and his men could end the war in a month.This all showed that Caputo was anxious and thought he was ready for war.His attitude toward the war was cockiness because he thought he could end the war.
There is a big change that took place with the author from the starting of the book and the end of the book.From the starting of the story you know that Caputo was going…