Setting: only be allowed entrance to the program

Setting: College Campus, "summer classes" when the general population is at it's low point.
Players: Brad (Pink Band. Male, age about 21, adapts well to normal changes, however doesn't like the fact he is becoming a girl or a horse) Bob (Blue Band, male about 22 years old. Natural leader and takes charge of his changes and lures in the new mares) Leena (Pink Band, female. Natural follower enjoys the change.)
Background Plot: In exchange for full credits on the next year classes students are offered to take part in a long-term study. The study is being held inside the science complex (closed and rented during the fall) and the students in the program will be without outside contact for the entire time. 50 students will only be allowed entrance to the program and entrance will be based on a test. The test also decides what color band you are given, blue or pink/red.
Plot: Unknown to the students they will test a new type of biogas weapon that will turn them into equine mixes. The initial dose will make them partly pony (morphic, ponygirl/ponyboys) while misbehaving members will be change more as type of behavior control. The color of the band will tell them what gender they will become (pink/mare and blue/stallion). Students deem too horse-like to live in the program are changed fully and taken out to be sold for future funds. The goal of the project is to see what mental effects the changes bring, and chart possible problems if the weapon was used against a major city. Students are told they will be changed back at the end and their memories erased, however it's not readily believed at any point.
Goal: Escape without becoming a full horse and being help to end the testing.