For Books, 2001, 131 pages).Mr. Patterson has

For my book review assignment I have chosen "From Blue to Grey", written by Gerard A. Patterson. (Mechanicsburg, [email protected] Stackpole Books, 2001, 131 pages).Mr. Patterson has chronicled the life of a Confederate General named Cadmus M. Wilcox, a West Point graduate who was just beginning what promised to be a successful career with the U.S. Army, before the onset of the Civil War.
The thesis promises a personal perspective of how the Civil War redirected the life of Cadmus Wilcox.An explanation of the reasons that drove this man, and others like him, to turn away from a promising career, and embrace the newly formed Confederacy.The consequences of this decision, both during and after the war, that shaped the life of the young lieutenant.To accomplish this task, Mr. Patterson sites information from a wide selection of manuscripts, articles and books.More importantly, what really supports Mr. Patterson book is General Wilcox's own testimonial.Though the use of personal family letters and other correspondence from the war, one gains a personal insight about this Confederate General.
Gerard A. Patterson retired from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in 1995, since his retirement, he has spent his time concentrating on Civil War research and writing.The Jacket Cover discloses that "he has written four other books on topics from this era; Rebels From West Point, Justice or Atrocity: Gen George E. Pickett and the Kinston, N.C. Hangings, and Debris of Battle: The wounded of Gettysburg.He has contributed numerous articles to Civil War Times Illustrated, American History and other history related publications."
This book follows a detailed chronological path and is written from a somewhat Confederate viewpoint.Even though it is a bit one-sided in the explanation of why events unfolded as they did during the war, Mr. Patterson's account is both logical and exciting to read.Mr. Patterson is very ski…