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The basic ingredient of capitalism is the trading of labor for something else of value.This labor is then used to generate profits for the employer.”Labor power is, therefore, a commodity which its possessor, the wage-worker sells to capital.Why does he sell it?In order to live (p. 204).”This is the fundamental recipe for capitalism in today’s system.
Marx sees this system as a failure of mankind.This is a system that separates those who own, and those who do not.”The proletarian class feels destroyed in this alienation, seeing in it its own impotence and the reality of an inhuman existence.The possessing class feels satisfied and affirmed in this self-alienation, experiencing the alienation as a sign of its own power (p.133).”What Marx is trying to say, (I can sure tell that English was not hisfirst language) is that “most will work for few.”There will be a class of ultra-rich and a very large majority of ultra-poor.When you look back through our last 150 years of history, it is not too hard to see that without some kind of government intervention, Marx’s predictions would not be too far off of the target.In fact, I would argue that without government intervention, Marx’s ideas were correct.
When Marx writes about Freedom, Equality, Property, and Bentham, he is laying out the very rights of man.He then puts those rights in a cause-effect relationship with the theory of absolute capitalism.Capitalists view their system as the system which allows the most freedom to date.In a capitalist system one is a free agent on the labor market.Train yourself, promote yourself, and then sell your labor to the highest bidder.This is a major weight-bearing pillar that holds the roof of capitalism.Marx sees this as the beginning of the end.This is a voluntary method of creating a society based on different social classes.Marx sees this system of social classes as a glass globe.Marx demands that …