Being another form of segregation in the North.Banks

Being black in the 1960’s was hard no matter where you lived.The Younger family is a typical black family living in the 1960’s.There is great historical significance in this play about the North and the South’s differences in segregation.
The North is not as segregated as the South.The North was still segregated in the 1960’s.People in white neighborhoods had things called blacklists.Blacklists are a list of persons who are under suspicion, disfavor of censure, or who are not to be hired, served or otherwise, accepted.When the Younger’s try to buy a house, the neighborhood atfirst won’t let them.Redlining was another form of segregation in the North.Banks use redlining.It means the withholding of home loan funding and insurance from low-income families.Steering is also another form of segregation and is often used in the 1960’s.Steering is used by real estate agencies.Black families, such as the Youngers, are often steered away from white areas and shown black or mixed neighborhoods.Even though steering was illegal it is hard to prove.The North deals more with whites not living with blacks.
The South is greatly segregated.White people really hated black people in the South. Jim Crow Laws? or segregation laws were a name given to former laws of the Southern United States.They provided for separation of blacks and whites.Blacks were not allowed to drink from the same water fountains, or even use the same bathrooms.Segregation separated them in streetcars, trains, schools and even theaters.The Ku Klux Klan played a big part in the segregation between blacks and whites.They were a terrorist organization who threatened violence against blacks that challenged the established order.One of the main forms of violence was lynching.Lynching was when mobs executed blacks or others whom they believed to be criminals or who challenged segregation.