The 11th, we have tried to fight the

The invasion of Iraq was not a justifiable doing, and is not winning the war on terror. After the United States went under attack on September 11th, we have tried to fight the war on terrorism. Terrorist are groups of people that seek out action on others for things that they do not agree with. They are not a government group and they usually do not carry their acts out on foreign government, and instead on civilians. This time the group that ruled Afghanistan was a terrorist group called Al Qaeda, lead by Osama Bin Laden. They were not the official government of the country, but they did rule the country. When we were attacked I felt it was our objective to take down the people responsible for this, starting with the ringleader Bin Laden.
Al Qaeda’s attack on the United States violated the “just war” theory. The just war theory explains that only government lead groups can lead an attack, but they can not do it for a just cause. Afghanistan had two groups of people based in the country. There was the south part of Afghanistan that opposed Bin Laden and his views and values, and there was the Bin Laden lead Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda broke the just war theory because they attacked civilians and they did so with no cause. The attacks on The Pentagon you could argue was a government driven attack, but on the opposing side those people were just working for the government in the office aspect, and without military force to fight back. These attacks were gutless and cruel, and should be followed up with severe punishment.
The terrorist should be brought to justice for the crimes they committed, but bombing buildings and killing innocent people was not the method of doing so. The bombings were even more significant because it was proven Iraq was never linked to the attacks on the world trade center. In fact Hussein and Bin Laden never got along and fought over oil. The terrorist committed hanis crimes that were directed at civilian casualty, a…