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A Journey Though the "Golden Gates" of Promise
Great controversy exists over the true promises of the "Golden Gates" in the United States.Discrimination occurs with different ethnic groups, but for those immigrants permitted into the country, the opportunities are excellent.The laws and practices established to control immigration into the United States limit the amount of poverty that can be present in the country.Without these important practices and laws created by the United States Congress, "cheap" labor would overpower American citizen labor and lead the country to an economic and social catastrophe.Although the United States is often criticized for its establishment of immigration laws and practices during 1865 and 1930, these actions are very fair.
It seems that the people of China have received a lot amount of discrimination as they try to venture into the promise lands of the United States.Early discrimination of the Chinese is revealed when considering early laws and practices of the United States towards immigration.Not only did Congress pass laws and restrictions against Chinese but the attitudes of citizens towards the Chinese often led to uproars and bitterness towards the immigrants arriving from China.
In the 1850's, the California legislature passed a series of anti-Chinese restrictions.These restrictions forbade Chinese Americans to enroll their children in public schools, to marry whites, or to testify against whites in the court of law.Some particular court cases display the effects of this law.A very upsetting California court case decision in the 1850's for the Chinese people is called People vs. Hall.In August of 1853, George W. Hall, his brother, and their friend assaulted a Chinese miner in Nevada County.When Ling Sing, the Chinese man's cousin, came to help him, Hall shot and killed Ling Sing.During the original trial, Hall was found…