It erased the damage that was inflicted.Others

It is often taught that the social and economic conditions of African Americans have been one of America's greatest struggles.For some, the struggle continues, although changes are evident, it has in no way erased the damage that was inflicted.Others believe that the time has come to move on and consider racism and the residual effect of slavery as a thing of the past.However, it's apparent that the conditions of African Americans have improved, and they are making noticeable contributions in the American Democracy.From slavery to today, many laws has been implemented which would normally restrict blacks from improving their social and economic standards.From the passing of the 14th Amendment to amending the Georgia State flag, laws are continually being updated to reflect America's diversity in regards to African Americans and others.
In this paper I will attempt to discuss the progressive improvements of African Americans from their arrival in America in the 15th century until the present day.During a time when it was easier to conform, rather than rebel, Rosa Park, chose the later.Her choice sparked the African American movement during the sixties, igniting others into the bus boycott in Selma Alabama.Today, blacks can now seat wherever they please, and in retrospect, many even sits on the Board of Directors for Transportation Authorities.Many black activists, such as Frederick Douglas, Sojourner Truth, Harriet Truman, and Martin Luther King, sacrificed themselves, and began the revolutionizing of America.
Slavery, the condition in which one human being was owner by another.A slave was considered by law as property and was deprived of most of the rights ordinarily held by a free person.Slaves were used principally for personal and domestic service, including concubine.Generally the owner is responsible for providing minimal food, shelter and clothing.Thefirst African brought to the E…