The guides but to my surprise there were

The Greensboro Historical Museum is located downtown Greensboro in a building dating back to the turn of the century (1892). The Museum was not founded until 1924. The permanent collection of the museum includes costumes, toys, textiles, decorative arts, and militaria. The Greensboro Historical Museum reflects the local history of Piedmont North Carolina. It also reflects the history of the American Civil War.
I decided to go and visit Greensboro Historical Museum because I thought it was a place in which I could learn some more about American history. Before getting there I had a picture on my mind of what the museum was going to look like and the exhibits I was expecting to see. But it turned out to be a completely different thing from the preconception I had. The turn out was not bad just different from my expectations.
When I got there a very charming old lady greeted me to the museum. She did not hesitate to ask me where I was from. She made some suggestions of what kind of path I should follow in the museum. I asked her if there were any guides but to my surprise there were no guides and no tape recorders available either. So I followed her instructions on where to gofirst. I went to the second floor, which exhibits a lot of the history of the Piedmont specially Greensboro and other collections.
Before I mentioned some of the things I saw in this area of the museum, I got to mention that this area really depressed me and made me think "oh God… This is going to be boring."I saw there an exhibit called "Belle Meade Historic Room Interiors." Which basically its name describes the exhibit well.From what I read this was a Greensboro residence built in 1867 and it was razed 1950. Since it was raced this exhibit is a recreation of the original house. It showed the dining room, Meade parlor, etc. It looked very nice but again for me it did not make any sense.
This floor also had an exhibit that…