In to intriguing political articles that lead

In the article "A Glorious Adventure", the author Patricia Schofler explicates
the passion seen in Winifred Sweet'sjournalism. Schofler writes about Winifred
Sweet's struggle and triumph to become one of the leading ladies of journalism.
The author tells of her small beginnings that lead to an inevitable huge influence
of the journalism world today. The author explores Sweet's humble beginnings as
a writer only focused on flower shows, to intriguing political articles that lead to
major impacts. The author tries to portray a positive outlook on a true heroine
Patricia Schofler clearly has a deep interest in Winifred Sweet's influence on
journalism. The authors interest in Winifred Sweet is represented all throughout
the article. The author exhibits this by her positive views. Schofler describes
Sweet's writing " vivid enthusiasm, the same drive, instincts, and ability to dissect
the heart in an era of sensuous and impassioned journalism…"(A,35). Schofler
further presents this by writing "She was shrewd, talented, and audacious, qualities
indispensable in the age of yellow journalism" (A,30). Schofler's interest towards
Sweet submits a positive view to her readers. This in turn reflects Schofler's
biased outlook towards Sweet. " A Glorious Adventure," mentions very positive
effects of Sweet's writings. This was shown when she" inspired the city's school
children to raise money for a hospital wing for incurables" (C,32). It is evident that
the author does not express anything negative about Winifred Sweet. Seldom,
Schofler mentions her two failed marriages and deaths of her children, but they don't
Patricia Schofler's writing takes the reader to different aspects of