The about to happen.These two towers would collapse

The events of September 11, 2001 are going to be remembered as the worst terrorist acts in United States history.These attacks were so well planned out that the American people could only hold their breath as each of the planes reached their intended targets.The country was at the mercy of these terrorists.The citizens of the United States could only watch the terror unfold as the day went on.We were forced to sit idly by and wonder if there was another planned attack and if so where were they going to strike next.
When thefirst plane crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center, we had no idea that this was not just an unfortunate accident.We could not envision that this was the start of something far worse than anyone could have possibly imagined.Who could believe that this planned attack, the use of an airplane as a weapon, could do enough damage to a 110-story building to make it collapse?To watch, as innocent people, stuck in the tower above the airplanes impact actually jump out of the tower in desperation before it collapsed, will forever be imbedded in the Americans minds.Who would think that people in such a desperate state of mind would do the unbelievable?As if this wasn't enough, other terrorist attacks began to unfold in other parts of the country.
As the news spread that a second plane crashed into the South Tower of the World Trade Center, our thoughts began to change from, "Why would someone do this to us?" to "What's next?"We had just witnessed two airplanes crash into two different 110-story buildings causing them to catch on fire, trap innocent people inside and begin to sway.The unthinkable was about to happen.These two towers would collapse within thirty minutes of each other and thousands of innocent people would lose their lives.The combination of the flames and the force of the two towers collapsing actually caused two other buildings at t…