Describe with broad straps over the shoulders.

Describe a day in the life of noble and his family.
A noble was a person of the official or "upper" class. They were men of great wealth. Their wealth came mainly from real estate appointed to them by the king. They were highly respected and were expected to live up to certain roles. A noble's household was a hive of activity. A noble would have many servants to attend his every need. A day in the life of a noble man would consist of….
When a nobleman and his wife woke up, theirfirst task for the day was grooming. Before beginning their day they would pay very close attention to their personal cleanliness and appearance. This was achieved by the men removing body and facial hair with bronze razors, tweezers and scrapers, they also anointed their bodies with perfumed oils.
Because Egypt was a warm place to live in their clothing was lightly clad. They men went bare chested except for many large pieces of expensive, bright, beaded and jeweled colars and jewellry. He also wore a broad, pleated white linen kilt and sandals. His short-cropped hair was covered in a wig.
The nobleman's wife paid particular attention to her hair and cosmetics. She would surround her eyes with kohl and malachite, which served for beautification and protection. Their dress was much more different to those of the men. They would wear simple ankle length sheaths of linen with broad straps over the shoulders. A woman would accessorize her outfit with beautiful jewellry.
Once the nobleman had completed his toilet he would then receive the reports from his overseers and foremen. His scribes were always available to write any letters or dispatches that he needed. He also kept all the estate records.
A noble man would enjoy three daily meals. He would be able to choose form a large banquet of foods. Their meals consisted of bread, cakes stews, fish, barley, cereal, fruit and would even indulge five types of poultry, sixteen form