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During the years of 1933-1939, the German Nazis party began the invasion of the Jewish people. Prior to the outbreak of World War II, Hitler had addressed that the Jews would have to be destroyed if war should come.
The will to kill the Jews was embedded in their beliefs not infused by external conditions.Hitler's actions were carried out in many concentration camps. In 1939, Adolf Hitler began to move the Jews into ghettos as the war start. A ghetto, in Europe, is like a China Town or a Little Italy.Something where people of one race or one religion get together to live.Now, let's imagine what ghetto life was like.
"We are humans who only want to be treated like humans not animals."
We have been here for a few weeks already, and the bad condition of living here is unbearable, which I interpret it as the following example. "Suppose you're here, and in the next two hours, while you're looking and reading, it snows six inches and hour. So in two hours, the snow out there is going to be a good foot deep, which leads to greatdifficulty of getting home. Now there isn't enough food for you. Although there are enough restrooms, but we all have to stand in line in order to fit approximately ten families.Also, there aren't any beds. Therefore, there aren't any comforts. There are some water provided, but it's a limited amount, which is about six gallons a day."
The health and welfare of all who are here is extremely poor. They are depriving us of basic needs to survive.We hardly get any food as they only feed us bread, water and soup called gruel.It doesn't have much in it, it is only enough to keep us alive to work for them. The people who are running this place (S.S officers) are killing hundreds of us weekly for no reason.The Nazis are treating us inhumanely, torturing and killing us, using execution, poisonous gasses, forced labor, star