Kevin by continuing to associate itself with Saudi

Kevin Brown as a citizen in the United States who is curious as to why we are still using petroleum to fuel much of the United States makes his case byfirst asking the question, "Why do we continue to use petrol as a fuel if we are so worried about our environment?" Afterwards he poses a unique solution to the problem and finally he provides an explanation as to why his solution would be safe, productive, and economical.
Brownfirst discusses his disgust in the fact that the United States is still using fuel from a country that it "walks a tight rope with," and the fact that we also continue to pollute our environment as a result of doing so. First Brown gives a brief summation of the history of petrol and the damages it causes to both our wallets and our surroundings, and then he offers a remedy to the problem by suggesting that we use another fuel which has no damaging side affects and is completely free.
With these two points Brown makes it clear that the United States is doing itself an injustice by continuing to both use petrol as its main source of fuel and by continuing to associate itself with Saudi Arabia. Brown's solution to the use of petrol is that we instead use water as a form of gasoline. He admits that water alone will not fuel our country, but makes it clear that hydrogen will. Brown suggests that we use engines with hydrogen generators made of marine grade steel to power our vehicles. Afterwards he explains the responsibility and maintenance that will have to be assumed by the owner and finally in closing that he gives a brief summary of how this technique would be both more economical and safer to the environment.
The use of background material in this article helps to make the reader of this article understand and recognize the problem with petrol that we now have here in the United States. However the effective use of argu