Virginia a very conservative and logical approach to

Virginia Colony Contrasted with the New England Colonies
The colonies in New England and Virginia were very different even though they both originated from England. Each colony consisted of disparate people with contrasting reasons for travelling to the New World. The colonies were able to achieve success through different means, however these means were the principle cause of many problems the developing societies faced.
The people that were to populate the New England colonies had a very conservative and logical approach to initiating their colonies. The people were seeking a place to practice their religion freely. They believed that many people around them did not believe as strongly in their religion, and wanted to divorce themselves from that halfhearted atmosphere. They brought with them those items and people they needed to create a strong community. They brought families and many relatives. They brought servants and some personal comforts. They made a strong attempt to follow the same manner of society as in England, and kept customs that were common there.
Virginia, on the other hand, was not remotely prepared to start a new colony. The majority of people coming to the colonies were fortune hunters. This colony attracted the gentry and aristocracy, who were not in line to acquire wealth automatically. These people were here to discover gold and treasure to take back to England. They did not bring very many women to the new colony. They brought personal servants with them, but not any with useful skills like house building. Resulting from this oversight they were lacking in many necessities. They did not have the supplies to feed or sustain the colony, and they could not build ample shelter from the winter months. They went through a period known as the "starving time" where they lost many numbers. The colony did survive through this hardship to become a successful colony.