Conspiracy was small and limited but it

Conspiracy of Silence by Lisa Preist is the life of four boys after murdering a native girl just outside of The Pas.There were many pieces of evidence presented in the book to prove who killed Betty Osborne.The evidence was small and limited but it was eventually for a trial.There was a lot of racism in the book that had a lot to do with the outcome of the trial.Racism isn't always apparent in the book but it is a never-ending problem.
In this book there are many pieces of evidence that can prove who did or did not murder Betty Osborne.Evidence will assure that justice is served by anyone involved in the murder.One of thefirst pieces of evidence found was a cabdriver seeing a car leaving the area of the murder that night.He managed to remember two numbers of the numbers on the license plate; 42.The police used a method very rarely used is a police investigation, they hypnotized him in order to recall that night to find new information.It worked and he remembered four numbers of the license plate in sequence; 5342.This led them to the second piece of evidence, the death car.This was substantial evidence seven months after the murder.They only found a few hairs with similar characteristics of Betty Osborne's proving that maybe sometime before her death she had been in the car.They also found a small bloodstain but they could only prove that it was human blood.Also they found their third piece of evidence, a bra strap under the back seat of the car.They got an expert to fit the strap with the correct size and got the match 32AA, style 122.That was the exact size found at the murder scene that the victim was wearing.Now they had very good physical evidence that Betty Osborne had been in the car that night.One of the very last pieces of evidence ever discovered was probably the most important piece of information in the trial.In 1985 Andrea Wiwcharuk told police what