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A Multimedia Developer Designs creates, manipulates and tailors graphics, images, sound, animation, video, and text to create multimedia programs. A multimedia developer is able to combine design skills with computer skills to create products such as DVD’s and websites. I choose this job because I love working with computers. I want to learn how to create websites, games and I wanna learn to code. This job is very suitable for me although somethings I am gonna have to learn are presenting ideas in writing and paying attention to detail.Most Multimedia developers work full time for very large companies. many people in this field are self-employed . It’s common to work on a  contract basis. Some full-time Developers Might work for a web development company, or work with an interactive software publisher or even a media production company. Depending on what your focus of job depends on what your setting will look like for example an animator and programmer will most likely be in an office setting working on a computer most of the day.But some other jobs like photographers will spend their day outside but then edit and work on a computer for part of the day in an office or at home. A typical workday is 8-9 hours a day but people in this field mostly have a flexible schedule as long as you meet deadlines but most Developers work 40-50 hours a week. The bad side of being a Multimedia Developer is that it is not a whole body physical job so many people that do this for a long time suffer from eye, wrist, hand, and back strain from spending many hours on the computer every day. Some Multimedia Developers work a full-time job and earn a salary or they are self-employed and get paid for every project they do but people in this field can earn anywhere from around $30,000 to more than $120,000 a year. But income depends on location and experience. To be a multimedia developer you will need experience and training. People in this field often study web development or video editing and software programming Creativity is essential for multimedia developers also. It is a great idea to take an internship or shadow someone who is a multimedia developer before you get right into the job because it is great experience for being a Multimedia Developer.