I give this book a six out

I give this book a six out of ten because even though it leaves important parts of what happened out. It tells enough information for children to get the general idea of what happened with Columbus and his trip to what he thought to be India. The book generally starts out telling his life story. It tells when and where he was born and how when he was little he dreamed of becoming a sailor. And on to hisfirst trip as a captain of his own ship.
In the book Christopher Columbus it says Christopher Columbus and his men rowed ashore. He planted his flag in the sand and claimed the island for Spain. He named the island San Salvador. Christopher Columbus gave the natives of the island red capes and glass bead necklaces. (David A. Alder. 8) which I found not to be true because in a letter to lord Rachael Sanchez the treasurer of spains king and queen he states. Seeing, however, no town or populous places on the sea coast but only a few detached houses and cottages, with which its inhabitants I was not able to communicate because they fled as soon as they saw us. (R.H. Major, select letters of Christopher Columbus)
The Christopher Columbus book does not tell much about the taino Indians or about making them pay a hut tax of gold to the Spanish all it say about that is he left some sailors in the new world to search for gold. (David A. Adler, 22) then the next time the Columbus book mentions gold is when it talks about his last two trips to the new world. But all it says about that is Columbus sailed to America again in 1498 and 1502. The men who traveled with him had great hopes for gold and other riches. But they found very little gold, and Columbus was no longer a hero. (David A. Adler. 26) In one of Columbus's letters gold is mentioned several times in one of his letters to the king and queen of Spain he tells them that for the better and more speedy colonization of the island no one shall collect gold in it except those who have…