In of the nations was in transformation

In the late 19th Century America was going through a change. The democracy of the nation was taking a new shape, and Americans were forming their future through more political systems. New issues were effecting the American people, and organization became a viable method of being heard. Politicians were becoming actual voices for groups of people, rather than being a vessel for corruption and political favoritism. The face of the nations was in transformation and everything would change with it.
One of the nations biggest changes started in the work force. When working conditions started to become too adverse, workers started seeing the advantage of banning together as unions. Owners who would not pay attention to the needs of individuals, could not ignore when their entire labor force demanded that an issue was resolved, and owners were forced to pay attention. Labor unions became a political power, pressing under the notion that they were giving the people the voice they deserved. As unions matured they would move through phases of representation: from representing a large number of people in a variety of occupations, to becoming more specified to the individuals within one occupation. Eventually many unions existed for all different professions, all focusing on their sector of the work force.
The system of political representation followed a similar suit. Instead of a system of wide representation across a wide area of land, representation became more specific to small locations. This helped lower political corruption which was becoming more rampant up until that point. Political favors were no longer the dominating way to get what you wanted out of the government. The more focused representation could help get the issues of more people in front of the congress.
Out of the more focused representation, voices of immigrants, non-caucasions, and women would not fall onto deaf ears. Immigration was peaking at the end of the 19th