Brave is Helmholtz Watson, an accomplished intellect who

Brave New World opens in a technically advanced future world. In the beginning of this book, we see the
Director of World Hatcheries lead the new hatchery students on a tour of a Conditioning Center in London
where babies are produced in bottles and pre-sorted to determine which class level they will be born
into. These class levels range from Alpha-plus, the highest level, to Epsilon-minus, the lowest. There
are no parents, and babies are conditioned from birth to learn certain behaviors.
All diseases have been eliminated, and when people are feeling down, they just take soma, a wonder drug.
Also, people are conditioned from birth not to love one person, so there is no marriage and most people
have many lovers. There is no God; instead, Henry Ford is worshipped as the god Ford. Another
accomplishment of this society is the elimination of aging.
Bernard Marx has unorthodox viewpoints and is outcast as an eccentric. He likes being alone, but in this
society being alone is discouraged. His isolation from society has made him very different from everyone
else. His only friend is Helmholtz Watson, an accomplished intellect who writes government propaganda.
Watson has grown wary of life as it is, and his supervisors have him under close watch.
Two co-workers are discussing Lenina Crowne, another worker, in a changing room. They act as if she were
property, able to be bought and sold. Bernard is disgusted by this, so he decides to ask Lenina to go to
a Savage Reservation in New Mexico.
Bernard visits the Director for permission to go. The Director tells a story of when he went to a Savage
Reservation with Linda, a pretty colleague. During their visit, Linda was lost, and the Director had to
So Bernard and Lenina go to the Savage Reservation, which is inhabited by Indians. They quickly find
Linda among the Indians. Atfirst they do not realize who she is, but she explains what happened. Linda
is ag…