et foreign civilians as well as Saudi Arabian civilians and security forces due to Anti-Western movement among natives (Muslim tradition of excluding non-Muslim from permanent residence in the Arabian peninsula).Islam is the state religion of Saudi Arabia and its connection with the country and country’s is uniquely strong. Islam plays a central role in Saudi society and is mostly described as a way of life. However, the Saudi government denies any claims regarding this issue and states that Saudi Arabia is against religious or cultural extremism. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced that he wanted the kingdom to return to “moderate Islam” and the country is searching a way to spread moderate Islam with no place for extremism and human rights violation.Conventions and resolutions that your country has signed or ratifies that relate to the issueSaudi Arabia and other Gulf Arab states took part in the US-led campaign against Daesh in September 2014.The IMCTC affirmed that it would operate in line with the United Nations and Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) provisions on terrorism. However, the Saudi government believes that UN should legalize military actions against terrorist groups.Saudi Arabia asks the international community to recognize Saudi Arabia as a country that opposes terrorism and does not support it in all directions. In addition, the government of the country calls on the rest of the world to join the anti-terrorist campaign such as Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition organized by Islamic states in order to stop extremist attacks worldwide.Moreover, the Saudi government would like the international community to allow the use of:  – offensive and defensive tools against extremists and conduct counterterrorist operations on the territory of their actions.-Offensive actions identify counterterrorist activities that require offensive efforts by security services to uncover and erode the capabilities of terrorist groups to conduct attacks. -Defensive actions define antiterrorist activities creating defensive security measures to protect possible targets from terrorist attack.