With its
business model focused on flash sales, Vente-privee.com has completely changed
the traditional sales scheme by associating cost savings with the notion of
urgency (by programming the sales at strictly fixed start times, short sales
periods and limited quantities). This winning combination resulted in the
acceleration and explosion of the user visits via mobile and tablet.

The central
challenge is to understand and anticipate the depth of cross device behaviors
and their impact on conversions in order to capitalize on the specificities of
each device and optimize the cross-channel customer experience. While
cross-device tracking has become one of the major challenges of digital, it
remains complex for many actors due to gaps in user identification across
devices. Vente-privee.com avoids this difficulty: its members must identify
themselves to access the online store content and sales, regardless of the
device. By identifying
users throughout the entire purchase process via their login, vente-privee.com
can not only track members’ cross-device behaviors, but also connect each user
journey to the corresponding member profile. Vente-privee marketing
teams can therefore monitor all consumer interactions on their different
devices (smartphones, tablets and desktop).

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