75th answered no, although she contributed substantially to

75th Golden Globe Awards are still one of the most popular issues among the Americans. Apart from the fact that all the participants wore black dresses in protest against any violence against women, what is talked about a day later is Oprah Winfrey’s speech.Oprah Winfrey for President? The African-American queen of the entertainment world instead of Donald Trump in 2020? It is a hypothesis that is anything but curious, especially after the “presidential” speech to the Golden Globes of the actress-entrepreneur.Dressed in black in solidarity with the #MeToo movement, as well as all the stars on Sunday evening at the Beverly Hilton for the Californian evening that opened the season, the Winfrey received an important recognition to the career and spoke for nine minutes to his colleagues and to America.Oprah’s speech Oprah expressed gratitude to all the women who suffered from abuse and sexual violence just because they continue to support the family and pursue their dreams. And she hoped to see “the dawn of a new day” in which, thanks to the struggles of today by so many “magnificent women”, no one will be forced to say “MeToo”, that is to publicly condemn sexual harassment suffered.That speech lasted nine minutes not only triggered the applause of the audience but, lively on television, has triggered a storm of tweets with the hashtag #Oprahforpresident and # Oprah2020. How to say: a popular encouragement to take the field as anti-Trump.Conducted by Seth Meyers, the evening of the Golden Globes, now in its 75th edition, was marked by the negation of the “Weinstein Monster”. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, Lady Bird, Frances McDormand and Gary Oldman won the biggest prizes. But it was Oprah’s performance that dominated the show.Oprah’s dream for politics?Already in the past Winfrey, who is 63 years old and who, after the end of her famous show, has become very rich with a production company (has personal assets of 3 billion dollars), asked the question whether to go down in politics or not. She had answered no, although she contributed substantially to the election campaign of Barack Obama, with whom he was always very friendly, then to Hillary Clinton as well. But now her “reserves” could be overcome.Certainly, American voters have always shown a preference for showbiz candidates, as evidenced by the cases of Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Trump himself. The Winfrey, moreover, is an energetic, intelligent woman, sensitive to social issues.Of course, everything is still early: the real maneuvers in view of the upcoming 2020 presidential elections will begin after the midterm elections in November this year. But you can already glimpse some rising stars: among them, among the democratic women, the African American senator of California, Kamala Harris, that of the Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren and that of New York, Kirsten Gillibrand.On the Republican side, on the other hand, everything is very confusing, especially after the release of the book by Michael Wolff and the intensification of the “Russiagate investigation”. But the revelations of Wolff gave rise to the hypothesis of a candidacy of Ivanka, the ambitious daughter of the president, as well as the UN ambassador, Nikki Haley.