7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 a project on the Digital Divide which

atoms make us human and 7,577,651,512 of us makes us whole. The world of
Economics helped me understand how people, companies, governments and entire
countries make decision that have important outcomes and simultaneous  consequences for the welfare lives of people.
Behaviours  of individuals and the way
that limited resources are distributed appropriately to satisfy our everlasting
wants has been explained though diagrams and models with Economics being a
social science. How the world works through different aspects enabled me to
think from broader perspectives and perceive that current events are connected
to the economic phenomena.

interest for Economics stemmed from studying Geography GCSE where I  learned about the failures of Urban Planning
and Sustainability and I gained a thorough grounding in the core of Economics.
Investigating areas like migration, globalisation and the relationship between
the environment and the economy enabled me to understand what it actually means
to be sustainable. I also did a project on the Digital Divide which questioned
if we have developed as a whole or just the 20% of the population as to this
present day,  the “divide” still
remains even though internet access seems increasingly ubiquitous.

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I am updated with contemporary affairs through my
subscription to The Economist which gave me definitive intuition to help shape
my opinions. Completing
an online course with FutureLearn “The
politics of Economics” was also extremely beneficial;  this gave me an insight on the relationship
between Politics and Economics. I developed a thorough understanding of how
Economic theories guide which policy will be most efficient. I also did work
experience in the finance department at NBC Universal in which I had to carry
out a great deal of accounting work on Excel to study ratios, percentage
changes and other data manipulations. What I loved most was being able to apply
my maths skills beyond class to real life problems in a fast-paced environment.

Studying Economics at A-Level has allowed me to comprehend the
Economic problem and raise my interest particularly in Microeconomics, but it
is reading around the subject that has been the most stimulating. Skidelskys “Keynes: Return of the master”
enabled me to weigh out philosophical and ethical views and how they relate to
our conception and practise of capitalism. Krugman’s  “The
Return of Depression Economics ” supported my feelings against austerity.
I concluded myself that Economics is a way of life as it is constantly
fluctuating to suit our needs and ways of existence. The biggest challenge that
I faced was implementing ethical and moral views when faced with any Economic
related situation.

Chemistry ALevel which I also studied, some say is
omnipotent and presents itself in many different forms. It assisted me in ameliorating
my analytics skills, logical thinking and systematically recording chemical
properties by paying attention to the smallest details. This will be beneficial
when studying at university as it will ensure that all subject matters are
covered to the fullest extent and that my conclusions drawn are extracted from
precise material.

The importance of Maths came to light when tackling questions
in Chemistry and Economics. I noticed that all my subjects were nurtured by
Mathematics.  The language of Science;
Social or Life. After watching  ‘Math is
a language’ on TEDtalks, I agreed that Maths was a unique language, providing coherent
precise expression for every concept that can be formulated.  A-level Maths shaped an analytical mind and
therefore developed my reasoning, helping me to decompose concepts during
arguments to understand from the core, to see the relations that exists and
systematically come to a conclusion based on evidence, taking into account real
data that can be verified.

a tutor, prefect and  mentor, I developed
great communication skills and the ability to bring out the best in all
situations in any circumstance. Outside of my normal school life, I play the
piano in my free time which I self-taught myself and run a small cake business
which I wish to expand further to gain recognition. Carrying such
responsibilities require patience, time management and leadership skills, and
hope to be just as involved at university. I would relish the chance to study
economics at university and hope to be a success at your institution.

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