The the Wasp are scheduled to be

The Marvel cinematic universe’s
enormous international movie hits have been continuing ten years. In 2017, 3
films (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, Spider-Man
Homecoming and Thor: Ragnarok) out
of 10 high grossed films in the world were Marvel studio films. In also 2018, 3
superhero movies, which are Black Panther,
Avengers: Infinity War, the third
Avengers movie and Ant-man and the Wasp
are scheduled to be released. The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is a huge
media franchise and a series of live-action superhero movies based on Marvel
Comics which is a publisher of American comic books shared the same world. The Marvel
cinematic universe is the largest box office successful franchise in the world.
Since Iron man, which is the first
The Marvel Cinematic Universe film released in 2008, Marvel movies have been dominating
international box office. In addition, Marvel character products such as TV
series, videogames and comic books are overflow on the market. From 2008 to
2017, 4 of the 17 films in MCU’s theatrical franchise have grossed
over a billion dollars each at the international box office (The Avengers, Iron Man 3, Avengers: Age of
Ultron, and Captain America: Civil
War). Marvel, which was a company went into bankruptcy in the 1990s made $12
billion in worldwide box office. It left behind other popular franchise in
recent years, such as the Harry Potter
films ($7.7 billion across 8 films), the
Lord of the Ring and Hobbit films ($5.8 billion across 6 films) and the Fast and Furious movies ($5.1 billion over
8 films). Consequently, it is obvious that Marvel brand has had significant
influence on culture, society, and the movie industry. It seems that there are
various reasons why Marvel became successful. In many reasons, adopting transmedia
storytelling as a business model might be one of the essential factor. Transmedia
storytelling is the way of telling stories that include multiple platforms,
such as films, television series, videogames and comic books. Therefore, this
essay will try to investigate the strategies of The Marvel Cinematic Universe
as a case study of the practice of transmedia storytelling and evaluate how
Marvel engage audiences by utilise various platforms.