The and syllabus of the Diploma courses

The major criticism of the employers has always been that the Diploma-holder is not able to operate any machine or that he is not able to practically handle any job by himself on the shop floor.

2. It should be clearly understood that the curriculum and syllabus of the Diploma courses were framed during the fifties mainly with the objective of training for Supervisory positions in small/medium size printing establishments.

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The curriculum covered all areas of printing and the emphasis was more on theoretical principles involved in the working of various processes and operations of machines.

3. The limited equipment and materials that were made available to the Institutes for practical training, the slow pace at which the equipment’s were updated in the Institutes, together with the constraints of time allocated for practical instruction to every student for each subject, made it possible to train the Diploma-holder to be an efficient operator of any machine. That was not the original objective also.

4. During the last ten years there has been a revolutionary technological development in the Printing industry.

But the printing institutes have not been able to keep pace with these developments simultaneously by changing the curriculum and syllabus, updating the equipment, improving the quality of the faculty and developing close rapport with the industry as is being done in the advanced countries.

This has further contributed to widen the gap, making the Diploma-holders completely out of tune with the fast-changing industrial practices of the eighties.

5. In the context of the changed and ever-changing industrial environment using highly sophisticated electronic and computerised equipment, when the restructuring of the Diploma courses has become absolutely necessary, it is imperative that the printers clearly spell out the objective of the Diploma education of the future and to clearly state what the industry expects the Diploma-holders to do when they are employed in the industry.

Only when the objective is clearly known, can a really purposeful plan of restructuring be evolved. In this context, it shall be remembered that the Industrial Training Institutes are already engaged in the training of operators needed by the Printing industry.