5 the stage for building an amazing

5 Excellent Uses of Snapchat as a Platform by Startups in

It is an
eye-opening fact that Indian Startups will reap the benefits by using the
powerful marketing tool – Snapchat. The research statistics by Yourstory states
that there is 7,050,000 advertisable audience size only in India.

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“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.” –
Scott Belsky. Founder, Behance.

Utilize the
Snapchat platform to make ideas happen. You can set the stage for building an
amazing brand awareness. However, we have collected the perfect piece of
information that helps you plan marketing strategy using Snapchat. Before going
into details about the proven ways of using Snapchat as a platform by Indian
Startups, I would consider your focus on the below point.

would be the positive upswing for the startups whose target audience are
between the 13 to 34 years. Yes! Statistical Data pinpoints that 94% of
Snapchat users falls in this age group.”

What are the Unique Features of Snapchat?

The snaps you send will remain
unopened until it is viewed. Later, it disappears within 10 seconds unlike
other buzzing social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.

You will get the count of how many
people viewed your snap whenever the user takes the screenshot. Tracking is
quantified! You can now embed with google analytics with a specific URL.

Digital Vidya’s blog post as a backbone, we have pulled out a good message for
all the startup entrepreneurs out there! The digital marketing expert, Gautamm
Mehra from iProspect India commented, “Snapchat is doing well from the point of
view of market interest. It has a small but vibrant community”.

Do you want
to establish a connection with your target audience in a unique way? But still
want to do it economically? Try to implement these proven ways in your
marketing strategy.

Culture and Backend Activities

Snapchat is
an ultimate source to gain insights and grow your business. By leveraging the
audiences and followers on the media, you can easily showcase your company
culture, core values and ethics. Instead of having sales-oriented posts,
getting out of box and posting inside stories helps your startup to thrive in

Give a
basic glimpse about your business insights and compile story-telling onto the
Snapchat marketing. By sharing informative links about the company profile,
your followers will find interesting to learn deeper.

Sour Patch
Kids have collaborated with Social Media Star Logan Paul to feature a Real Life
Sour Patch Kid Campaign that acts as an Influencer Marketer.

Based Posts

relevant posts on the medium will generate increased exposure on the social
media. The key focus here is to provide Free-Giveaways, coupons or discounts
that serves as a Call to Action for an Event, Conference or a Webinar.  Nevertheless, you are now enriched to provide
valuable posts as an expert and increase your creditability. Combine the power
of storytelling with your offer process on a regular basis to attract huge user

“The lean startup method is not about cost, it is about
speed” – Eric Ries, Blogger, Startup Lessons Learned.


In today’s
illuminating social media landscape, snapchat has been recognized as a
sensational storyteller mobile app. The Founder of HashtagOurStories &
Social Media Consultant, Sumaiya Omar proclaimed, “When I Look at Snapchat as a
product, I don’t see a chat app, a social media app. I see a tool specifically
designed for storytelling. Even the most popular social media tool was largely
distribution based”.

stories are basically quick videos that becomes evident on the public newsfeed
for a period of 24 hours. However, each of the stories will have its own
virality and brand awareness from the supporters’ point.

business can opt Snapchat as the most convenient source. As they can be used as
exceptional trait to share in short videos, whiteboard animations, how-to and
other suitable information that can entertain your followers. However, you must
also take care that this isn’t a platform where you market your products
overly, as it might create havoc in the minds of your followers.

Edwards, Musical & Entertainment Business Owner reveals that he uses
Snapchat to launch his official music first, before its being published onto
other platforms.


reported that Snapchat might introduce new advertisement feature in which ads
can be skipped after 3 seconds. Currently, Snapchat’s video ads can be dragged
out of the screen with just a tap. However, advertisers will gain better view
ability if the new feature is implemented.

Now, focus
on attracting your customers at their first vision. (Since, the new ad rule of
minimum 3 seconds watch time is not implemented). When you post a 10 second
video, the viewer can either go to a detailed video, an app or an article by
swiping up. “Snapchat changes the ad to x5 times higher frequency than regular
banner ads” – Says Marketing Experts. This enhances the click through
rate of the given advertisement.

Snap Ads
are extremely responsive friendly and 100% viewable. They also include
customized filters and lenses to drive awareness, clicks and action in one
complete package. Snap Ads are easy to create, manage and track campaigns which
can be used across different vital objectives. They also have real time
tracking of trends that can optimize your goal setting. 

offers great customization for pre-defined target audiences. Choose among
varieties of age, location, device type, income status and get started with


In the
month of July 2017, NDTV announced, “Snapchat has introduced the major update to
its android and IOS apps such as new Geofilters”.

With the
help of this brilliant new feature, you are allowed to add the customized
location filters as well as frames to the post. The Snapchat application has
deployed the rare technique of stamping your exact location on the post. This
option enables your business to develop the brand authority through genuine
posts from exact work location.

you can begin by running a campaign using Geofilters starting from 200 INR and
it can go up to several hundreds of thousands. If you are targeting the global
audience, then 40% to 60% of snapchat users can be reached at one go!

Why these snaps seems to be super cool?

In this
example post, the company named Jewels has attempted to post its customer’s
review on their story. It is really a very good story telling idea. The content
endorses the best user experience and his/her appreciation point of view. Most
evidently, the post is humanized within a good envelope of emotion.

addition, the message is supported by an image of his/her mom wearing the
finely repaired ring. Don’t you think this evokes the enthusiasm in viewers
mind? This is the power of storytelling.

When you
are trying the next snapchat post, make sure you build up the genuine story by
integrating your customer experience. This will surely have an incredible
effect if done rightly.

In this
example from Tastemade, we liked their idea of customer centric approach. Here,
the lovers of Tater Tats are targeted accompanied with a delicious image of the
dish. Now, the viewer is tempted to see what’s inside this post. Tastemade has
attached the recipe video in more detail for the Snapchat users to watch. However,
they are 100% sure about why their video must be watched. The condition “If you
Like Tater Tats” is very clear for the viewers to decide their next


Ideas to Improve the Post Views

We have
listed some of the additional tips you can integrated with the Tastemade
example post ideas. Go ahead and start working on it!

Tip 1: In case of online food ordering
company, you can offer the discount offers or coupon prices if they answer the
quiz about any particular dish. Make them crack the questions and take the
screenshot of their results. The curiosity leads them to attend the quiz.
Ultimately, the brand awareness increases.

Tip 2: You can also record the video of
backend kitchen team that helps the viewers understand the company’s inner working
mechanism. It would be brilliant if the video is based on comedy and narration.
Show the target audience about how the company is dedicated to serve! Snapchat
has proved to be the brilliant platform for sharing unique videos.   

Business Insider has reported that Snapchat is offering the discount programs
for fulfilling startup’s economical advertisement needs. The benefits program
is named as “Snap Accelerate”. This is a great motivation for the startups to
pull up their socks and start utilizing the benefits proficiently. This program
includes the following:

Media Coupons

Creative Services Credits

Free Branded Filters

Early access to novel ad products
maximum upto $100.000

As a whole,
startups can establish the rapport with the help of Snapchat as an amazing
advertisement platform. Yes, the platform demands unique content creation!
Follow the tips and defined ways to swim across the huge social media clutter.

Did your
startup attain the expected results using the Snapchat platform? Let us know
your success in the comment section below. We look forward to celebrate along with