It is a great challenge to ensure proper health and sanitation in refugee camps throughout the world .Few decade ago it was not that as much serious then it is now and getting worse day by day. Themain problems of increasing refugee throughout the world are civil war , terrorism, persecution,conflict etc. Now it’s getting very tough to ensure proper health and sanitation for respectivecountries as well as world organization like UNHCR,WHO etc.Proper health and sanitation are the basic needs of human being UN were always aware of it. UNforced the countries for the proper health and sanitation where they noticed isn’t provided.According to the United Nations, “Many Syrians have been forced to leave their homes, oftenmultiple times, making Syria the largest displacement crisis in the world with 7.6 million peopleinternally displaced and almost 4 million people registered as refugees in neighboring countries.””All parties to the conflict, neighboring countries and international actors must allow access forhumanitarian aid and not use it as a political tool,” says Pablo Marco, MSF’s Middle Eastoperations manager.A report shown that Turkey, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon have helped Syria by hosting 4.8 millionrefugees and provide them proper health and sanitation. As they are our neighboring country theyalways support us . We always aware about the health and sanitation that way before and after warwe take the necessary steps for the refugees.Solution to the problem of ensuring proper health and sanitation mechanism in refugee camps are:-• Maintain a good relationship with the neighboring countries.• Control civil war to save refugees.• Set the mentality that refugee also human being they also need proper health and sanitation.• Need a legal and political rights of the refugees.References: