2a. inside the device, powered by a battery

2a. The Hum X is the technological innovation that I chose. The Hum X 1 includes a device that plugs into a common data port in cars, and allows drivers to monitor their car’s performance and maintenance needs while also getting a Wi-Fi connection.  This small device works with most cars from the years 1996 – 2019.  1 The HumX device works over Bluetooth to pair with a wireless speaker that clips to a car visor. The Purpose of this product is to help you detect problems with your car, give you roadside assistance, tracking GPS, and getting a wifi hotspot.2b. I found a open source picture of the Hum X, then put it into Paint 3D which was already downloaded onto the laptop.  In the program I added text about what the product was and what were the features.  Then I added some shadow just to give it a personal touch and to give it a more dramatic affect.  After that I exported it as a JPEG.2c. The Hum X has harmful and beneficial effects on economy and society.  A harmful effect was that the Hum X can drain your Car’s battery life.  3 A microphone and speaker is inside the device, powered by a battery that can be charged through a cigarette lighter adapter and a USB cable, this will drain your battery and many people have complained about it on the verizon customer service page. This may cause you to have to get a jump from another car to do your daily routine or to get to work, this will have an impact on society if people who have the Hum X are constantly late to their occupation.  There are many positive effects by the Hum X,  2 Includes Roadside Assistance, Strong 4G LTE Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth calling through Hum X speaker, 1 and allows drivers to monitor their car’s performance and maintenance needs.  This has an effect on economy because it allows you to monitor the cars performance it also alerts you when something is wrong so you can get it fixed before you break down on the side of the road and if you do the Hum X Includes Roadside Assistance so you will not have to pay a tow truck a hefty fine.  The economy is impacted because you are not spending your money on  road side assistance and the mechanic when your car breaks down and causes more things to break.2d.  The Hum X uses multiple types of data.  The Hum X uses integer data from the coordinates of where you are at that exact moment so if you break down they will be able to send roadside assistance to your last monitored location.  It does this by tracking your car on a GPS constantly recording your coordinates and if you break down and press the call button it sends those coordinates to the assistance that you may need which then proceed to your location.  There is also a feature on the app where you can do something similar if you forget where you parked your car you can go on the app and the Hum X recorded the coordinates of where you parked your car.  It also uses data from your phone.  It uses string and integer to determine the name of who you are calling and the number at which to reach them.  This is all happening when you have a call through the 2 Bluetooth calling through Hum X speaker.  However there is a data storage concern in places where cell service is bad or verizon has no cell towers there could be a 2 Delay in vehicle location tracking.  This could mean that if you break down and the tracking has a delay the roadside assistance could be sent to the wrong location. 2e. 1 “Verizon Latest to Offer Wi-Fi Hotspot For Cars.” Fortune, 22 Mar. 2017, fortune.com/2017/03/22/verizon-mobile-wi-fi-cars/.     2 Browning, Nolan. “Verizon’s Hum X doesn’t just diagnose car problems, it sends help.” Digital Trends, 12 May 2017, www.digitaltrends.com/car-accessory-reviews/verizon-hum-x-review/.     3 10154013767872392. “Hum by Verizon Injects 21st Century Tech Into Yesterday’s Car.” Gearbrain, 29 May 2017, www.gearbrain.com/hum-verizon-review-connected-car-1722652575.html.