2 war-zones .You can use them to produce

2   Advantages of
Robots to HumansThere are many
advantages that differentiate robots from humans.Even though robots are created
by humans,they are able of doing unusual jobs and are definitely replacing
humans in most of their activities.The
robots can gofar down into the unknown places where the humans would be crushed,
they can give us the information that the humans can’t get, they can work at
places 24/7 without any salary and food, plus they don’t get bored. The robots
can perform the tasks faster than the humans and much more consistently and accurately.
They become more common each and every day, the robotic pets can help the
patients with depression and they keep them active .Most of robots are
automatic so , they can move without any human interference ,they can entertain
us and they can help us in certain tasks ,you can send them to dangerous
environment such as the deep sea or the war-zones .You can use them to produce
the products in the factories such as assembling the cars, they can also be
used to build the parts for many products such as the plane parts , the car
parts and the construction supplies .Robots can alsoendure the hostile environment of the interplanetary space ,they are made
that the planetary atmospheres do not affect their physical state and
performance ,they can replace the human beings in many areas of work, they can
shoulder greater responsibilities and they can be programmed to manage
themselves .You can use them for exploring the depths of oceans and for mining
purposes as well. Their hands cannot tremble or shake as the human hands do.
They can also do jobs that the people are unwilling to (like going to space and
never coming back).They can work on harsh environments like fire, space,
underwater etc.  2.1
Logical ability Robots
are much more logical when it comes to their thinking and execution of plans.Like
we said earlier, robots are programmable by a computer and that is one of the
reasons for their fast and logical thinking. 
truly interesting thing is that we have bestowed them with this amazing gift
even more fascinating is that robots completely lack emotion (unlike humans,
whose decisions and thinking may be influenced by certain emotional factors),
which makes them faster, logical and also… potentially more evil. Due to their
fast and logical thinking, robots will always be one step ahead of humans.