. Materials and Method
2.1. Chemicals:

Argal extract, Na-bicarbonate, citric acid.

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, was purchased from Sigma-Aldrich (St.

Louis, MO)


Preparation of Solid dosage form i.e. Tablet
powder of Argal extract were used for the manufacture of tablet. Tablets were prepared by
wet granulation method, by using, Na-bicarbonate, citric acid with the
following concentration (49.9% w/v,and 38.1% w/v) and ethanol as binder. ——– was used
as lubricant.

General Procedure:-

First, the the argal extract was milled and mixed with the excipients. After that
the binder solution was add to the mixture to form a wet mass. Finally the wet
mass was compressed to form a tablet by the tablet compression machine (……………………..).



The primary objective of this study is to develop combinational effervescent
dosage form of Argal extract and test its inflammatory activity in animal. The effervescent
Tablet was evaluated for disintegration test, hardness test, dimeter and thickness
(tablet no.1), weight variation test (tablet no.2)