1. the capacity of the project and our

1. What other factors should Marvin and his team must consider?Before bidding a project it is important for any company or for any individual to consider and account for it profits,losses and rest of the consequences. Decision making is the most important factor that ever lies in the skill because there are many subjective and objective factors hidden in here decision making.Objective Considerations:A. Bid Cost Tenability: The bidder should have an at least approximate idea of the investment of time and money in order to take up the  project? what are the minimum chances for him to win the bid ?B.Profitability:  Can Marvin really benefit some profit from this? there are many factors to achieve a profit or benefit from the project and it also need many things to be taken care of1)Do we really have the right number of skill full expertise resources and suitable premises in order to get the work done on right time.2)Is this a reasonable bid? As everyone knows only the lowest amount quoted bid is going win the project and does the lowest amount covers the expected profit?3)How much profit did i actually gain from the current client? is he reliable?C.Payment: Initial funding is the key to jumpstart any project and how where can I get that investment from,will the client be able to pay us ahead of the time?Often there are many chances that a project is being interrupted or stopped lack of sufficient funds . Subjective considerations:A. Competition:  Minimum expected competition with holds in every technical field in order to make sure we stand ahead we have to make sure we have a healthy relationship with competitors and also client to get our job done simple with out complications.B.Capacity: Both the capacity of the project and our capability should be well estimated and defined to make sure there shouldn’t be any strain on both client on business relationship.3.Terms and conditions:  It is expected that every project has terms and conditions and they are not too stressfull or too risks.2) To bid or not to bid?It looks like Marvin and his team are well aware of the current situation,they already looked into the market and they are sure of it. As it is said we cannot take an opurtunity for every project on market as every company has their own accountability of profit to be calculated,regulations and liability. According to me they can go a head and bid on it as it accounts for companies substantial growth and prestige.There are many profitable things to be accounted for and not much of negativity. It also looks like successful completion of the project accounts for a healthy relationship with client and leads to much more chances in order in the future and as Marvin is also good at assuming at competitors bids on the market.One more important thing in order to consider is that i think is that Marvin and his team should review all the terms and conditions,risk assessment again in order to make sure they are on the safe side.