1. second guess myself and be more positive.

1.    Discuss the reasons you have decided to pursue an RN degree. (1 point)

          Ever since I was a little girl I knew I wanted to do something in the medical field. My godmother (aunt) had many health problems and health care in Thailand at the time was not so advanced. The doctors didn’t know what was wrong with her. She passed away a year after my grandmother and it was so heartbreaking not knowing why she died. I promised myself that I would never let anything like that happen to my mom and that is why I want to become a nurse, so I can take care of her when she gets older.

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          Then I really developed a passion for nursing when I started working in home health. The gratification I felt taking care of patients there made me realize that I wanted to pursue a career in nursing. I love making an impact in people’s lives by making them smile and happy. It is a very rewarding career to be able to help others when they are unable to care for themselves.




2.    What fears, concerns, or anticipations do you have about your education at this time?  (2 points)

            My main concern about my education is test anxiety. When it comes to testing I get very nervous and usually get myself so worked up to the point that I sometimes forget the materials that I studied. I do try to get as much sleep as I can before the night of the exam, but sometimes that doesn’t help. I need to stop myself second guess myself and be more positive.

          My other concern is stress. Trying to balance work, school, and home life can be difficult some days. I feel like there not enough hours in the day to do everything that I am supposed to do. I work overnights, so my sleeping schedule is off balance. I do try to stay organize on everything but somedays I feel like I am a not mess and then my stress level shoots up the roof.


3.    Analyze what type of learner you are. (2 points)

          I am a visual learner. I understand things better by reading and looking at illustrations. When I am taking tests or exam, I like to close my eyes and visualize the test problems and sometimes I tend to point at things in the air to draw them out. I like things to be organized in order for me to focus better and color coding is my life saver.

          When I study, I like to make flashcards and avoid any kind of distractions. I like to rewrite my notes for a better understanding of the subject. I also will read the assigned reading a couple times for me to retain the information. When I am in a classroom, I do not like to sit in the back because it distracts me from focusing on the important information from the instructor. I do tend to get distracted easily by any kind of noise and that’s why I do not like to sit in the back of the classroom.


4.    What goals do you have for yourself throughout this program? (2 points)

            My goals are to always be prepared and be ready to take on any obstacles. I want to try to stay as organized as possible to be able to make plans that will fit in my time for studying, work, and home life. I want to work my hardest to be able to understand the concepts of the program and have a great outcome of understand what becoming a nurse means.

          My goals will also include passing exams and develop nursing skills. I want to be able to understand the diversity of human behaviors and experiences. I want to be able to think outside of the box and make better judgements by thinking critically.


5.    Given the requirements (time, money, effort, etc.) needed to accomplish your nursing education, what changes may be necessary in your life?  Include issues related to time management, organization, study skills, etc. (3 points)

            The necessary changes I would have to alter would definitely be my studying habits. I need to spend more time each day to study the materials instead of trying to study a week before exam date. I need to have the motivation to spend at least two to three hours each day on reading assignments.

          I will likely change my work schedule around, so I do not have to work the night before an exam date. This was a challenge for me to work a night before an exam and trying to get as much sleep as I can without stressing about the test. I will likely not be working on the nights I have class, so I have the next day to study and have enough sleep to prepare myself for the exam.

          Time management is another issue of mine. Even though I am a neat freak when it comes to organization, but sometimes emergency situations happen and that throws me off track. I do need to be more realistic of my time when I am scheduling for appointments or making time to study. I need to stick to a routine and tell myself to focus.  


6.    What are your expectations of this nursing program? (1 point)

            My expectations of the nursing program are to be able to learn what the role of a professional nurse is and to be able to learn how to solve conflict resolution. I expect to demonstrate the skills to deal with an array of variable circumstances and remain emotionally stable under stress. I expect to present a professional attitude to patients, their families and other health care members.


7.    What are your expectations of the faculty? (1 point)

            My expectations of the faculty would be to give me a lot of criticism and feedback on my work if I am not doing well. I expect the faculty to listen and respond to concerns that I may have. I expect the faculty to tell me if I am doing something wrong. Sometimes it takes me a little bit longer to understand what people are trying to say, so I expect the faculty to have patience.

8.    How do you define professionalism? (2 points)

            Professionalism means that individuals should show respect and courtesy to people in the working environment. Professionalism can also mean providing a healthy work place by not disrespecting other staff members and clients. Professionalism is the main factor to client satisfactory. Without professionalism, people would not know how to act or deal with others in a respectful manner.

          Being professional people must follow company’s policies and procedures. People should not intend to pose harm to the company or employees. People must have to respect authorities and abide by rules and regulations. Professionalism are moral values and moral structures.

9.    Explain what lifelong learning means to you. (2 points)

          Lifelong learning means that I could improve my knowledge by asking questions to understand what I am learning because when I ask more questions I would retain the information for long term memory. I could also attend training classes at work to help me improve my ability to become better at my job.

          Lifelong learning can also mean by learning from my mistakes. No one is perfect and by learning from my own mistakes would help me improve my learning by not doing the same mistakes again. Learning by making mistakes can help me to understand the world around me and give me a better opportunity to improve my personal development.


10.  What people (may be nurses or not) have been influential in your life as mentors/role models? (2 points)

          My mentors/role models would have to be my mother and my ESL teacher (Mr. Grondahl). My mom had always been my role model ever since I was a little girl. She’s a hard worker and a very compassionate person. She has taught me to be strong and to respect people no matter what the situation is. That is how I develop the need to care for people. She’s always took care of me and now I can take care of her when she gets old. She supports me through everything. If it wasn’t for her, I would not be where I am today. I am very thankful for what she has done for me and the influential impact she has on my life.

          My ESL teacher has always been my mentor throughout my whole life. She was like a second mother to me. She has helped me to better my English language skills and to overcome my obstacles throughout my life. She was always there to listen and to give advice on my career goals. She inspires me to become a better leaner and to always listen to others. She always told me to never give up and to fulfil my dream of advancing my education. She motivates me everyday to keep going and to keep pushing for what I believe in. If it wasn’t for her, my life as becoming a nurse would not be possible.