1. required hardware and it’s up to date.

1. If your computer is getting warmer and louder, it is probably because the fan that keeps the PC cool is overworking itself. If this happens, just shut off the computer for a while so that it has time to cool off.2. If your mouse doesn’t work, it might be because it’s not plugged into your computer’s USB port correctly or because the wire that connects it to your PC is broken. If your mouse requires hardware installation, make sure your your computer has the required hardware and it’s up to date. 3. If the computer doesn’t show what you’re typing, make sure that your keyboard is plugged into your PC. Also, check the keyboard’s required software is installed in your computer. If not, just restart the PC. 4. If your documents aren’t printing, make sure that the printer and computer are plugged into the same port and that the printer device is installed in your computer so that it recognizes it when you go to print your documents. If this doesn’t work, make sure the printer has enough ink and paper or check to see the device itself is malfunctioning. 5. If you have the volume up on the computer and speakers, but you can’t hear anything, just make sure that the mute control is off. If the mute is off, you can check the computer speaker settings to make sure that it’s paired with the earphones or other audio device you’re using. Also, check that the device you’re using is plugged in correctly to the computer. 6. If your monitor is not turning on, make sure it’s plugged in correctly to your PC and if you have an adapter, check to see if it’s placed properly from the monitor to computer. If this doesn’t work, check your video or graphic cards to make sure that nothing is wrong with them.7. If your CD-ROM isn’t ejecting the disc, make sure the computer software is not locking the drive. If that’s not the issue, just restart your PC. Another solution might be to check if the eject button or disc drive themselves are functioning properly.