1. in 1961, the universal business machine

What is the subject of the majority of the
history of computing in the 2nd
half of the 20th century? If computing in the 2nd half of
the 20th century was mostly about the physical hardware, where has
and where is the emphasis shifting to? Why?

increasing day by day there are a lot of changes comes in the computer it goes very advanced in the 2nd half of 20th
century the first commercially produced computer in 1995 that use magnetic
storage. It holds 1,000,000 bits of data. After 3 years IBM sold 19 types of machinery to government agencies. In
1954, engineer research the emergency of international business machines that
has a major authority in computer manufacturing and technology growth and in
1961, the universal business machine got eighty-one percent of computer manufacturing
growth. In February 1962 Steve Russell generate a game which became the first
game in a computer (computer history, 2017). During
the period of 1965 international business machine spend more than $5 billion on the system and put money on installment user will return $1000 per month.

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In 1965
new products were in familiarised and in the same year digital company was 1st
successful to the made minicomputer.
Moreover, E.A. Johnson is the only first person who described the idea of the touchscreen.

the period of 1970 Intel announces the first
DRAM, the Intel 1103 it can store 1024 bytes of memory. Apart from that, it
contains information more than 1000 bits. Chip is considered as RAM (random
access memory),

H. Moore published the 4th programming language (New computer products and
services introduced in 1970, 2017)

On April
1975 Bill Gates and Paul Allen create a Microsoft and this program is developed
late the Microsoft BASIC. Steve Sasson is the first person who invented the digital camera (Major computer events in
1975, 2017)

business machines corporation hired Bill Gates and Paul Allen to manufacture an
operating system for computer and use it for the template. Furthermore,
international business machines corporation allow both to preserve the
marketing rights to the operating system known as disk operating system. A
microcomputer that has 16 kb of read-only memory and the intelligent people pay
attention to user skills and development of
technical improvement (Computer History – 1980,

company published their first “Turbo PC” in 1985

the same period on 4th January 1985,
Consumer Electronic Show present the
Commodore (128 PC) with big processor 8502 which have 128 KB of Read-Access Memory. Symbolic was the first
registered domain name of internet. In January 1985 the domain name was created
nordu.net but it was not registered, and first Microsoft window was introduced
in November (Major computer events in
1985, 2017)

Berners-Lee working together with his mate Robert Cailliau at CERN a
“hypertext” system which became the first internet that we know today and on 25th
December 1990 Tim Berners was the first web server at info.cern.ch. Moreover,
sales of Microsoft increased more than $1 billion and Adobe Photoshop 1.0 is
released in February of 1990; in the same year on 17th October IMDb
(Internet Movie Database was launched. (developmant of computer in 1990, 2017)


Microsystems published JavaScript on 4th
December 1995 and in the same year Netscape and Java
were presented. In addition, .mp3 file won a poll and old. the bit will not use longer this information sent
by Karl Heinz Brandenburg via e-mail. On 4th January 1995 apple
company got licensed from the Macintosh
operating system rights and allow other corporations to copy its computer. FBI
take action against computer hacker Kevin Mitnick on 15th February
1999. There are various types of software released in 1995 like Amazon,
Microsoft Visual Basic 4.0 and internet
explorer 1.0.

(development of computer
1995, 2018)

to Nielson more than half American access internet on 17th August
2000, and in the same year the president Bill Clinton makes the first presidential webcast and he broadcast a website
that every individual can research about government resource. AMD and Intel
both were eligible for1 GHz CPU barrier and during the same period, Google
became the largest internet search engine. In addition, there is various software released in 2000 like
Microsoft Windows ME, C#, Adobe Photoshop 6.0 and Direct x 8 and so on. Duron
processor first released by AMD on 19th June 2000 that have an advance speed 600 MHz to 1.8 GHz. (history of computer 2000,


Till now technology
increasing day by day there is a number of new features comes in the electronic
gadgets its became more advanced like a big
processor with high speed and it’s very
portable we can take anywhere else it’s
not very heavy as earlier. Experts invent a lot of things they emphasis large
things into small now we can see that our smartphone
are very slim, but they have big processor and fast speed